Welcome to VegDUD Day, an event within the WGIC Congress in Nantes !

IRSTV organizes a seminar day in the framework of the WGIC Congress which takes place in Nantes, at Nantes Event Center, on Monday 9th september 2013.

This time is devoted to the presentation of the research program VegDUD "Role of vegetation in Sustainable Urban Development"around the question:

What are the impacts of urban vegetation on climate, energy, hydrology and ambiences ?

The main aim of this day is to give an overview of the scientific methods that have been developed and implemented in the VegDUD project. Some of them will be further developed during the WGIC - World Green Infrastructure Congress.

The seminar is organized within the WGIC Conference by VegDUD partners, so for organization purpose, a specific registration is necessary.

Create an account and registrate.


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